Gamora “Mori” Long | 19 | Sophomore | Other | FC: Barbara Palvin

"If you come near me, I will kick your ass."

Adopted at a young age by Thanos Long, Gamora was raised to be the next Million Dollar Baby. She was put through rigorous training, not only in boxing but in other means of fighting as well, making her a nearly perfect fighting machine and specimen; which Gamora learned as she grew, was all her adoptive father ever saw her as. Learning that was a hard lesson that has  nearly diminished her ability to trust, making it hard for her to accept people and their supposedly good intentions.

The cruel and rough training she was forced to endure as a child leaked into her personality, making her a hard and sarcastic woman. She uses her words as her guard, blocking her from people and their harsh opinions. She also has a nasty temper, making her one of the more hot-headed students at Shield. However, it doesn’t mean Gamora doesn’t know how to be kind. On the contrary, with people she cares about, like Maria Hill, she can be caring and compassionate. It doesn’t mean the snark she’s known for isn’t still present though. She’s also found that she has a soft spot for the one and only Matthew Murdock, but it isn’t something that she’s willing to outwardly admit.

Gamora hopes to one day overcome the scars her “father” has left on her, but she knows it will be an uphill battle. The first step for her however, was moving away from Brooklyn and going to college.  She’s already decided on the path she wants to follow, studying and going into Social Work to help those kids who are in similar situations to the one she faced.


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