Maria Hill | 21 | Senior | SHIELD/Other | FC: Lyndsy Fonseca

"You should have this job. And wouldn’t that piss off all the right people."

Maria Hill was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois by her father after her mother died giving birth to her. The loss of his wife deeply affected Mister Hill and he grew to resent the child he felt murdered his wife. So Maria grew up being constantly reminded that she caused her mother’s death. Over time, Maria realized that the way her father treated her, like dirt, was wrong and in a way raised herself. She pushed herself to become better and stronger than the man who seemed determined to tear her down. It was this determination that led Maria pick up boxing and other forms of fighting. When her father told her he wouldn’t pay for her to go to college, she pushed herself to graduate at the top of her class to spite him and win a full ride to several schools. In the end she settled on Shield University for both its incredible schooling and the distance from home.

The freedom of college allowed Maria to thrive. She pushed herself harder, settling for a triple major in Computer Sciences, Criminology, and Forensic Science. Maria will always pick school over social events because she knows that she’s the only one who’s going to get her a good job out of college. Part of her hopes that she’ll be scouted by a government agency where she can do some good.

It is important to know that Maria Hill is not your friend. Being her friend is a position you have to earn and over the years very few have succeeded. She values strength, both physical and moral, and loyalty in those she surrounds herself with which is why she quickly fell in with Nick Fury and Phil Coulson. Becoming her friend may be difficult but the rewards are great. Maria reciprocates the loyalty tenfold, making her a trusted ally in any situation. It is also to these people that she shows her more caring side and can even be a bit motherly.

You have such a good heart, For wondering
All the peace, When I come following?
You told me it’s worth it all, On my icy rain
Worn behind your golden eyelids
Beyond the last words you said
Oh, I followed, On my float away kids
Let your arms be our bed, And my eyes see red

Golden Eyelids by Lost in the Trees


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