Elijah Bradley | 19 | Freshman | Young Avengers | FC: Michael B. Jordan. 

“I said it!”

Elijah Bradley is still just a freshman in SHIELD University, but he is far from the usual freshmans that enter University not knowing what they will face. He is determined. The moment he got accepted in SHIELD on a football scholarship he has waited excited the whole summer for the year to start. Elijah was one of the best quarterbacks in his high school. The boy put all of his energy and will in the game, never once slacked on the field, always did what was asked from him and then some more, just to prove to himself and the rest of the world that he got what it took to be one of the best. High School wasn’t easy for the young man, he was often bullied and discriminated due to his skin color. 

Elijah comes from a long line of great athletes, one of the most known - his grandfather Isaiah, who is a role model for the young man, with the career behind his back his grandfather is his greatest hero and Eli wants to follow his footsteps and prove that he is one to carry out the family name. He used to live with his grandparents, after his mother remarried and moved to live in Scottsdale with his sisters. He stayed behind not to interrupt his schooling. Eli was always the proud one, and he couldn`t understand how his grandfather could face the words that he sometimes received from hoodlums with such passivity.

When he was pointed out the seated quarterback for the team it was one of his happiest days, he made a promise to himself that he’ll make sure that he gives 110 percent of himself on the field. The pressure that he put on himself to be good drove him to spend most of his time training, and when he wasn’t he still had scholarship to keep and work on his academics. 

You can rarely see him with a smile on his face, he tries his best to seem professional and serious, Eli seems like he is a constant alert, he is serious and driven, extremely proud of his grandfather and determined to live up to his legacy.

After a while the pressure that he put on himself proved to be too much for the young boy, he knew that there were rumours going around for other players using steroids, to help them improve their game, and he found himself tempted by the idea. Maybe if he had something that he could use to enhance his abilities - just for a while, just to make the coaches see that he could be one of the greatest. So he started doping. It`s a secret he hasn`t shared with anyone yet. The steroids are making him extremely short tempered and aggressive, feelings only amplified by the shame that he feels about using.

In here Eli found friends as well, he could often be seen hanging out with Teddy and Billy Caplan and Kate Bishop, the girl that seemed to always be around his friends. He feels guilty about using steroids, and tries his best to hide it from his friends - what would they think of him if they found out? He has also found a friend in Steve Rogers, the current quarterback, and the Captain of the Avengers.

You can be the Captain and I will draw the Chart 
Sailing into destiny, Closer to the Heart 

-Closer To The Heart by Rush


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